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AImino is a AI Start Up funded by the BMBF and KIT. We are focusing on the data centric approach to make AI accessible to everyone. From our research at Google and Bosch, we have generated numerous patents and scientific publications at the top 1 AI conferences such as NeurIPS, ICLR, and ICML. AImino's technologies bring data quality and quantity to the next level so that intelligent systems can add real economic value to the companies. We want to contribute to the breakthrough and acceptance of Artificial Intelligence in industry and society. You don't need Big Data but the Right Data!

"Premium data is all you need!"

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We're always looking for talents who are interested in building the future alongside us. Let's turn the AI world around by the use of the data centric approach! Join our team to unlock the full potential of data!

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Last updated: August 25, 2021